Gasthaus Rössli, an excellent restaurant in Winterthur

Fresh news: the move is over! We are already living in Winterthur 🙂 Moving  was a little hard but we finally finished… and we deserved to go out and celebrate it!

So last Saturday my husband and I decided to go out for a nice treat. We looked up in Lonely planet’s “Swiss guide” that my friends gave to me as a birthday present (thanks  girls!) and we found the Gasthaus Rösslien (Steiggasse 1, almost in front of the Technikum in Winterthur), a small and cute restaurant where, as the guide say, “they cook the best ‘wiener schnitzel’ you can find in Winterthur”. It sounds good, don’t you think?

Sorry, maybe you are asking yourself what (the hell) is a ‘wiener schnitzel’?  A ‘wiener schnitzel’ is an escalope (very thin breaded slice of veal fried in oil) and served with lemon and french fries. Simple but delicious!

We arrived to the Gasthaus Rössli and the first thing I thought was “this is such a charming place”. Small but warm and familiar. We didn’t had a reservation but we were lucky and got a table (but making a reservation is a good idea that I will remember next time).

We ordered beer and started to dive in the menu. And we were lucky again because they were celebrating the 20th anniversary of the cooker working there so we got a 20% for discount per plate. Yeah!


Finally we ordered ‘wiener schnitzel’ and ‘hackbraten’ (meatloaf), famous across town. Both plates were delicious but If I had to choose one I think I probably would pick the ‘wiener schnitzwel’. The best we have tried ever!




We ended the dinner with a very special dessert: roasted plums with cinnamon ice cream, totally pleasing to the palate.


As you can see in the pictures, prices are quite normal. In total we paid 130 CHF (100 EUR) aproximately. It can seems a little expensive but  trust me; it is a more than reasonable bill for a normal dinner in Switzerland.



Tip: I just recommend you go and enjoy! It will be worth the effort 🙂


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