5 events in Switzerland you don’t want to miss this summer

111I’m sure you will agree with me there is nothing like summertime in Switzerland. In addition to nice weather, sunshine, crystal clear water to swim… this wonderful country give us a wide variety of activities that make any weekend feel like holidays!

That’s why we decided stay here this summer and enjoy all that Switzerland can provide us (a lot, I must say).

Then, let me share with you 5 events I won’t miss for nothing.

National Day in Switzerland (31st July / 1st August)

Swiss National Day was celebrated in 1897 for first time to commemorate the Helvetian Confederation foundation. Since then, every 1st of August the whole country celebrates it with a big party.

In the German part of Switzerland, there are two highly-recommended celebrations:

– Basel: the French-German-Swiss city celebrates its National Day the day before, 31st of July, with a festival on the banks of the Rhine River that starts around and involves good food, live music -on a floating stage over the river- and the traditional fireworks at 11pm. Live music accompanies the party till its end around 2am.

– Schaffhausen: with the Rhine Waterfalls like perfect scenery, this border city celebrates every year its “Fire on the rocks” festival, a fireworks choreography that brings a wonderful light and color show over the waterfalls. Then the party goes on with live music to dance till… till 2:00 am (till the sunrise doesn’t apply in Switzerland :P). In addition to the party, you can enjoy a special dinner in the Schloss Laufen, very close to the waterfall, from 4:00 pm (price per person: 65 CHF)


If you have already been in any of these two celebrations, please, share your impressions so we all can make the best choice between them! Thanks!

Night Festival at the Lake (Rapperswil – 7 de agosto)

Few days after the National Day, Rapperswil celebrates its Seenachtfest, a night festival by the lake to enjoy good traditional food, a cozy handcraft market products, live performances, concerts, juggling in the middle of the street… and of course, the cherry of the cake, a marvelous firework-show to the beat of the music that made this celebration such a well-known party.

Last year 150.000 people came to enjoy the party with the Rapperswil’s locals in a celebration that grows year by year.

Swimming at Limmat River – Zürcher Limmatschwimmen (15th or 22nd of August)

Can you imagine yourself swimming downriver across the city of Zürich with hundreds of people holding the same green crocodile beach toy? Don’t picture it as long as you can really do it just joining the Zürcher Limmatschwimmen the next 15th (22th August if the weather at 15th is not so good).


In recent years people swam in the Limmat hugging an orange worm, the mentioned green crocodile or a touching rubber ducky. I wonder what we will have this year…

Probably one of the funniest activities to enjoy this summer in Zürich that I won’t miss this year!

Musikfestwochen in Winterthur (12-23 August)

I missed it the last two years and it’s enough: this time I cannot fail. From 12th to 23th August (my birthday, BTW :P) Winterthur celebrates a music festival which is really worthy attending. In addition to provide top level concerts, the Musikfestwochen offer several concerts to enjoy good music outdoors for free.

If you are interested in knowing who will be playing in Winterthur in a few weeks, take a glance to the price of the tickets or search for concerts scot-free here.

A night at the Theatre – Zürcher Theater Spektakel (6-23 August)

After so many parties, concerts and sporty activities, there is nothing like a quiet night at the theatre to enjoy the last summer nights.

From the 6th to the 23th August (starting to think summertime in Switzerland ends with my birthday) Zürich city will celebrate -as usual since 1980- the Zürcher Theater Spektakel, an outdoors theatre festival that will offer a wide variety of alternative theater, music and dance plays.


Based on Landiwiese, Zürich, the stage of the Zürcher Theater Spektakel will host more than 40 theater/dance/music plays from different countries in different languages.

A high-recommended festival to suffer, enjoy or anyway live other lives, without moving from your seat.

More info at: http://www.theaterspektakel.ch/.

If you have information about another events that worth to be visited in Switzerland this summer (in the German part or wherever), please, let me know to consider it.

In case you are on holidays… just have a great time 🙂

Happy summer!

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