Five Things That I Miss From Switzerland When I Go Back To Spain

20121119MaletaViajeroIf you ask me what is the biggest curse that follows any emigrant I wouldn’t hesitate to answer: “the feeling of not being completely happy anywhere”. Because when you are an emigrant, you add all the good things that you discover in the foreign country to the sweet memories of your homeland, almost without thinking about it. And no matter where are you, always miss something from someplace else.

According to my personal experience, when I’m in Switzerland I miss Spain (and miss it so much!) and, when I go back to Spain, I miss ‘der Schweiz’. Miss it more than I expected. I hate to make a comparison between one and another country but I can’t help it. It is almost impossible. Instinctively, you look for the contrast, notice that “this thing doesn’t happens there” and miss people, places and in general, the way of living.

Of course, family and friends are on the top of the ranking. Food could hold the second place. I think it is a common feeling to all of us. Because of that, I will try to go further.

After a couple of weeks in Spain, today I want to share with you 5 things that I miss from Switzerland when I come back home:

– Home, sweet home: oh, yes! After spending some days in Spain I usually start to remember my Swiss home. I remember my comfortable bed, my wardrobe, my plants… Sometimes it is difficult to for people to feel their place in Switzerland like home and this feeling can be a great blockage (barrier) for adapting to the country. It is important to build home in the place where you are living. And to love it. In addition, if you miss it when you are out… much better.

– Security: after my purse was stolen twice in Madrid (no violence, no consequences) I became more and more careful –too much careful!-. Maybe that is the reason why I enjoy the sense of security that you can “breathe” in Switzerland. I love to spend time outside being relaxed about my wallet or not thinking about where I leave my bag. Even not using the bike’s chain and being sure that nothing is going to happen.

– To live a step from the field and other from the mountain: I never suppose I would love living so close to the country but… I do. I really like to ride my bike any moment to get lost in the middle of a sunflower’s field. Or getting into the woods to reach the river. And I can do it completely alone, save and sound (one more time, security… a treasure, especially to the women population).

– My bike: of course. Oh, big surprise. I also never had guessed it but nowadays riding my bike is one of my favorite activities. I love to go anywhere by bike and, if I have time enough, get lost into nature. Could I do the same in Madrid? Don’t think so. I appreciate my physical integrity and I don’t like bike trails close to the road. In Switzerland, I discovered the best way of transportation in the world. And this is a pleasure that I miss when I come back to Spain.

– Walking quietly on the street… nobody telling me dirty or filthy comments! I hate walking on the street and suddenly to listen “hey, bombshell” or “so cute chick”. Even whistles (excuse me damn bastard sir, I am not a dog). I can’t stand either a personal comment. I’m sorry. I can be harsh sometimes. Anyway, I prefer the Helvetic culture: in Switzerland all you can receive walking on the street is a nice greeting and a smile, in the most of the cases.

Is there anybody agree with me in this room? Put your hands up in the air… and share with all of us how you feel when you go back to your homeland.

If you don’t miss anything at all… it is time to pack, my friend. I’m kidding, maybe it is just time to rediscover Switzerland 🙂

Take care of yourself and be good!


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