Things you can find in a vending machine in Switzerland

Switzerland is a very avant-garde land but in a lot of aspects very conservative too. For example, Swiss are technologically very advanced but it is mandatory to send some kind of documents -like CV or an application form for renting a flat- by postal mail.

Well, you can find it is the opposite just paying attention to a vending machine. Do you think Swiss people are serious and conservative? Take a look and judge it yourself…

The first thing that called my attention among all beverages and junk food inside a vending machine was this can of C ICE, “Swiss Cannabis Ice Tea”. I know that today is normal to find derivatives from cannabis but I didn’t expect to find something like that in Switzerland (remember, this conservative country…)


Then I went on looking and I saw a drink that surprised to me more than the C ICE can: Redbull for children. An energy drink for children (without caffeine and taurine, of course, but the concept is the concept). Can you believe it? Redbull for children! Do children need stimulant drinks? I don’t think so.


The best is the explanation that a couple of people give to me: “children can’t drink coffee”. Now I understand it, thanks.

Now I have to confess. My favorite article was… the pregnancy test! You don’t know when you are going to need one. Maybe you are a very busy woman and you can make the most of a trip to Zürich and clear up any doubts (in the train’s toilet).


But the best of all is the test’s name: MAYBE BABY. Is that right? I think it is so funny and… effective…

Condoms at the side of the Maybe Baby are the perfect complement for this “conception corner” (pro and anti).


4 thoughts on “Things you can find in a vending machine in Switzerland

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    • Thanks nova!
      I thought the same when I came to Switzerland and took the first glance to a vending machine 🙂 Who buys a “predictor” in the middle of the street? hahahaha
      All best,

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