Moving to Switzerland: First step – Find a Job

Before start writing I want you to know that I don’t want to be a spoilsport. I just want to advise those who are thinking about leaving his country and moving to Switzerland about the importance of getting a job before moving out or planning very, very well the first months of the adventure in order to make it successful.

Time ago I saw a graphic joke on the Internet that it said “today the best start line is… taxi’s line that takes you to the closest airport”. Jokes apart, in 2012 more than 80.000 people went out of Spain to find a job. Among the people that left the country there are those who got a job before moving out and those that took the risk and start their adventure.

In general, I think that leaving a country without any job guarantees is not a good idea because we are not anymore considered cheap handwork (nor want to be) and all Europe is fighting the economic crisis too.

And Switzerland, which is not a part of the European Union, is in the same situation.  Leaving aside language differences, the most evident impediment, there are another factors to keep in mind before thinking in packing your bag and crossing the border:

No, Switzerland is not a part of the European Union

The direct consequence is that Europeans can stay at Switzerland for 3 consecutive months but after that time we will be considered “illegal residents”. We can always go out of the country and come back in later for an extra 3 months, but any case we can stay at Switzerland no longer than 6 months per year.

So… you need a visa or resident permit

Is not easy to get a visa in order to stay in Switzerland and in most of the cases it is necessary to get a job before coming here. The times when Swiss companies employed “illegal residents” and did the necessary paper work for their visa is long away gone.

In fact, this year the Swiss government limited the issue of visas in order to slow down the avalanche of Europeans that arrive to Switzerland looking for a job. A law that affects just non qualified workers… because Swiss are very conservative but they are not dumb: if they need an engineer they don’t have any problem to hire someone from outside the country.

The final blow: Switzerland is a very expensive country

If something is cheap or expensive depends on the buyer’s pocket but in general we can affirm that the cost of the Swiss life is high. Housing, groceries and public transportation can drain out your savings in no time. If leaving the country without a job is a crazy idea… doing it without enough money is almost an economic suicide!

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