Renting a flat in Switzerland

ImagenLet me share with all of you one of my best news ever since I came to Switzerland: we got a flat in Winterthur!!! It was a little bit hard but finally we get one 🙂

Before coming to Switzerland I looked for information about how to get a flat and after reading other’s experiences I quickly understood that it was not going to be a “walk in the park”. Everybody I asked told me the same thing: “getting a flat in Switzerland is very difficult so just do your homework and be patient”.

Now I can tell you. It is possible and not as hard as I though. That is the reason why I can share my experience with you step by step. I hope it is useful for you!

Step 1: where to look for a flat

I think the best way is on Internet. There are many web sites that you can consult but I recommend you, a “collector” that publishes all the housing advertisements you can find in another webs. If someone publishes an advertisement on or -other good websites to look in you can see it on Comparis. Continue reading