About ‘Living the Swiss life’

Wilkommen! My name is Sara and I am another Spanish woman moving to Switzerland. “Oh god, another one!” you will think. Yes it is, my friends, one more Spanish woman in Switzerland… or one Spanish woman less in Spain, how do you look it.

Since I decided to change Spain for Switzerland I though seriously about writing a blog to help people who might be in the same situation in the future, sharing my experiences in a practical and objective point of view, when it is possible. Hence the word “neutral” 😉

So here it is ‘Living la vida en Suiza’, a blog about my landing on the “deustch” Switzerland and where I will try to explain all about living, working, housing, public transportation, cultural differences, History, leisure, gastronomy… at the end, any issue that deserves to be explained and could be useful to any new emigrant.

Finally, I don’t want to let go by the opportunity to recommend, express my gratitude and send my best regards to those bloggers who have helped me during the last months in a disinterested way… and they still continue doing so every day!